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Since 1910. A California State Licensed Electric Sign Contractor. Old School Sign Crafters, with High Tech Tools!


 Lighted Monument Sign

Anaheim Sign Company products and services include: Electric Signs, Lighted Concrete Monuments, pylons, Lighting for Commercial Signage. Retail shopping centers Channel Letters. Lighted Building signs. Illumanated signage. Led low voltage signs. We use energy efficient eco friendly lighting products. We are implementing, eco friendly, lighting, for all of our Sign Lighting Products. We also make and install, Halo Lighted Channel Letters. We can add your lighted  image, to your interior lobby wall. Or make any other type of  sign, your company may need  


 Signs can come in many shapes and sizes. There are standard signs which can be purchased at local stores like Staples or warehouse stores. Exit signs, open signs, led signs are some of the signs that can be purchased and used for your business. Then there are custom electric signs.                                                                                     Anaheim Signs makes custom electric signs. Channel letters are the most used type of sign product. We can manufacture and install any type of channel letter sign. We also make lighted sign cabinets, with plastic faces. Lighted boxes, Lighted monuments or lighted pole signs are another type of outdoor sign advertising. The sign pictured above is lighted with low voltage led lights and energy efficient lighting installation.

Please call: 714-270-0322 or email: For Electric Sign Estimate.

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Anaheim Sign Company: Your Electric Sign Source

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Reverse halo lighted letters

Lighted LED Letters. Save on your Energy Bill. Up to 90% compared to regular lighting.

LED Channel Letters

We use only energy efficient lighting products in all of our Electric Sign Products. 


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